Dakine Chooses A52 Warehouse!

A52 Warehouse Inc. is pleased to announce Dakine as a new partner. Dakine, who’s name originates from the Hawaiian Pidgin word ‘da kine’ (derived from ‘the kind’), has a commitment to innovation and developing premium products in the action sports industry. Starting Summer 2014, A52 Warehouse will supply Dakine with 3rd party logistic services to the Canadian market. “Dakine is the type of organization that we look to partner with. Their products and values…

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A52 Warehouse welcomes YES, Jones, Slash and Nidecker

A52 is excited to announce that we have a new partnership with Nidecker Snowboarder and their group of brands. Henry Nidecker Senior set out to build the best snowboards in the world in 1984. For the 2013-14 season A52 Warehouse Inc. will ship snowboards from YES, Jones, Slash and Nidecker to retailers across Canada. Nidecker uses state-of-the-art technologies to build premium snowboard products and they are also the driving force…

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This order needs to ship today – No worries at A52

If you work in the apparel or footwear industry, then you have heard, read, or uttered, “This order needs to ship today.” For a 3rd party logistics company like A52, it’s a phrase we encounter every day and it means one thing: a priority order. Even though these priority orders can add logistical pressure to the warehouse, A52 understands the importance of them and is committed to getting them processed…

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Building our culture to do what’s right for you.

Being recognized for a job well done is great, but when it comes from a colleague, it’s particularly resonant. At A52 we understand the importance of peer recognition and encourage it through our Stop Card program. The Stop Card program is straight forward. When an employee notices another team-member making the extra effort on a task or taking on something outside of their purview they take one of our Stop-Cards…

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Projecting Warehouse Capacity

Proper labour planning is a key part of what makes A52 run as well as it does. Our Brand Coordinators assist in this process by gathering projections from our clients’ through consistent communication and reporting. This allows the Operations team to create strategies and make projections for the needs of any given shipping season. From a sales standpoint, projections are generally a dollar amount of what the brand intends to…

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How Brand Coordinators work for you?

We’ve all had the experience of contacting a customer service department and being greeted with an agent reading a script, or even worse a robot.  At A52, we’ve taken a different path. We provide a premium service by having a dedicated Brand Coordinator who is in place to ensure that the partnership between the brand and warehouse remains steadfast. Rather than a team of individuals creating confusing or inefficient communication,…

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5 Common Flaws of Manufacturing Automation and How to Fix Them.

Andew Weiland General Manager of A52 featured on Cisco-Eagle

5 Common Flaws of Manufacturing Automation and How to Fix Them. Ways to improve your manufacturing operation through robotics & automation – while ducking the issues Manufacturing Automation has taken huge steps forward in recent years, helping companies become safer and more efficient. Technology such as robotics for picking, packing, or welding is constantly advancing, making systems better, and smarter, each year. Vision systems alone are undergoing a revolution in…

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Return To Sender

Reverse Logistics at A52

Reverse logistics is a core specialty at A52 Warehouse. Simply stated, reverse logistics refers to returns and the handling of defective products. Returns processing are a necessary but often annoying process for brands. A52’s reverse logistics process can help eliminate those headaches. We have a dedicated returns department, with staff trained to meet the inspection standards of each brand. We care about your brand, and keep an eye on your…

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Fulfilment at A52

Fulfillment at A52

Fulfilment is one of the cornerstones of what we do at A52 Warehouse. For us, fulfilment includes receiving, picking, and packing apparel, footwear, and accessories. We have the ability to execute high volume month end crunches, working with our clients to project and plan for high volumes throughout the year, ensuring that our warehouse is always sufficiently staffed and ready. Throughout the entire fulfilment process, we give you 100 percent…

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Understanding your warehouse charges – part 2 (packing materials)

Choosing to work with a 3PL (third party warehouse) or fulfillment warehouse is an ideal way to get your product to your customers in a low cost but professional way. Getting billed and not understanding why you are getting charged a certain cost can be less than ideal. A52 Warehouse Inc believes that it should be simple to understand where your charges are coming from and we aim to set…

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